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We provide rocket fuel for
high-growth tech companies.

From marketing and recruiting to raising capital,

we help decentralized projects grow.



Taking Your Project to
the Next Level

Full-Stack Marketing

We utilize disruptive techniques to facilitate your marketing needs from strategic advisory, social media management, content creation, community management to influencer marketing.

Specialised Recruiting

We help you recruit the right talent for any role in a timely manner. To recruit we leverage our industry experience, knowledge & existing network. We only get paid, if you find the right talent.

Investments & Fundraising

We provide upcoming projects with the tools, access, knowledge and network they need to effectively raise capital, attract investors & establish long-lasting partnerships.

Case Study - Gyro
Case Study - BitOrbit


We know how

to get there

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is unlike any other industry. None of the traditional methodologies for marketing, recruiting or raising capital apply in the world of decentralization.

However, it is becoming an increasingly crowded market which is why it is ever more important to effectively navigate the landscape and position your project in a manner that allows it to grow and expand.

With us, you do not need to allocate extensive amounts of time and effort to fully understand the intricate ways in which the decentralized world functions. We do it for you.

We know what people like, how they respond, where to look & how to effectively deliver the growth you are seeking.

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